The Angle Finder Painting

Still Life Painting of Carpenter's Angle Finder
John Morfis • The Angle Finder • 12 x 8 inches • Oil on Linen

This is one of those specialty carpenter’s tools that I didn’t even know existed.  It’s great how pursuing something can lead to exporations of other new and interesting things.  In this case my exploration of painting antique tools has led me to learn about a carpenter’s tool.  So far I’ve learned a great deal about objects past and present that I probably would have never encountered if it were not for my recent body of artwork.  With its brass reinforcements, this angle finder is definitely a rugged little item.

Before I settled on the painting’s final composition you see here I played around with the tools placement.  I tried all kinds of arrangements with the angle finder’s blade.  The resulting painting is what I consider to be a balanced representation of the tool having fairly equal proportions to the left and right sides of the painting.

The more I paint these tools and the more people have been fascinated by their uses and history.   Also, more and more people want to show me all kinds of tools to paint, but so far this is the only angle finder I have come across.


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