Aqua & Silver Lure Painting

This little oil painting represents a slight departure from the tools in my latest tool series.  Though it’s not one of the typical hand tools I have been painting I did feel right at home while painting it.  Consider this lure to be a fisherman’s tool.

The lure’s gradual shift from aqua to silver combined with a slanted texture required a few layers of paint to get just right.  Nothing a chiseled edge from my liner brush couldn’t handle.  While I’m getting more comfortable painting the rusty treble hooks that adorn this lure I always seem drawn to the magnificent cast shadows they create.  This lure contained a translucent plastic piece near the front of the lure.  I’m not sure what the piece is called.  Everything has a name right?  Anyway, I know the piece is there to allow the lure to splash through the water and basically draws attention to the lure as it’s dragged through the water.  Because that plastic piece happens to be translucent it has a subtle but interesting effect on the cast shadow. Look close enough and you’ll see the subtle light area within the cast shadow.

I’m normally opposed to painting plastic objects but this item did have a significant family history behind it and was found in my father’s tackle box. It also was really old.  Plastic has been around a long time.  It also made for a good painting so I just had to go for it.  After my initial thumbnail sketch I was positive that I would end up getting a good looking painting out of this little fishing lure!

What do you think?



  1. Very nice painting, you really painted it well!

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