Badger Drawing: Step 6

Badger Drawing

Need to teach a grade schooler how to draw a badger on paper and shade it in?

With 6 easy steps to follow, kids will enjoy designing their own North American Badger, the kind found in the United States. Also included is a printable version of this badger drawing lesson.

Perfect for art teachers and homeschoolers looking to teach kids how to learn how to draw fascinating animals from around the world.


  • Pencil
  • Drawing Paper
  • Crayons or Colored Pencils
  • Black Marker (optional)
  • Badger Drawing Printable PDF (see bottom of lesson)
Badger Drawing: All Steps

This step by step lesson will teach you how to draw a badger. We will pay attention to the shapes of each part and types of contours drawn so that the drawing looks right.

Time Needed: 20 minutes

  1. Form The Head

    Badger Drawing: Step 1

    First, outline the pointy shape of the badger’s head as shown. Next, draw the fur pattern on its head by drawing two diagonal lines.

  2. Draw The Face

    Badger Drawing: Step 2

    Now, create a shaded oval for the eye and add a small curved shape for the nose. Then, draw a small semi-circle with a curved line inside to outline its ear. After that, draw a curved line attached to the top of the head to form the other ear.

  3. Outline The Body

    Badger Drawing: Step 3

    Outline the pointy elongated shape of the badger’s body.

  4. Attach The Tail

    Badger Drawing: Step 4

    Create a curved line attached to the body to draw the badger’s tail.

  5. Form The Legs

    Badger Drawing: Step 5

    Form the shape of the badger’s legs attached to the bottom of its body similar to the illustration. Then, draw three thin triangular shapes on each leg to add its claws.

  6. Complete The Badger Drawing

    Badger Drawing: Step 6

    Now, let’s bring our badger drawing into life by adding some color! First, use a black crayon to color the nose, legs, and the fur pattern around the eyes. Next, color the top and bottom part of the badger’s face as well as the outer part of the ears with a white crayon. Now, shade the inner part of the ear with a black crayon. Then, fill in the body with a gray crayon. Finally, color the tail with gray and white crayons.

Badger Drawing PDF Download

Click the link below to view or download this drawing lesson. The PDF is a printable drawing lesson for Badger Drawing. The last page of the downloadable PDF includes a coloring book page with just the outlines and an extension exercise for prompting kids to get creative!

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