Cleaver Painting

Painting of a Cleaver |
John Morfis • “Cleaver” • 14 x 9 inches • Oil on Linen


What perfect timing this was (today is Halloween) that I finished this oil painting of a meat cleaver. Ahem, I mean vege cleaver! (I’m a vegetarian) Any who… After several sittings I finished this painting just in time for Halloween.


While I’ve been painting mostly industrious types of tools the cleaver appealed to me because it did have that combination of metal and wood which I like when choosing still life objects for paintings.


I’m not sure just how old the cleaver is but the metal is extremely worn. It almost looks pitted in fact. I’m not sure that would happen. Good thing the metal isn’t too shiny; otherwise this may have turned into a self-portrait. If the blade was reflective enough I would have been looking right back at myself!


I used raw umber and cobalt blue for the majority of the painting. Anytime I wanted to warm up my colors I was inclined to add burnt sienna to the mix. The brass rivets caught the light nicely, but cleaning up the tool first helped I’m sure.


Happy Halloween!!!


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