Color in Art

color schemes defined

Color Schemes

Learning the basic color schemes are a good way to get started in designing any project that requires the use of color.

earth colors matter - why you can't replace earth tone paints!

Earth Colors Matter

Why some “earth tone” paints are irreplaceable to a painter.  Some of this may surprise you but it’s imperative you understand the important role these colors play in an artist’s paint kit.

Introduction to Munsell Color

An Introduction to Munsell Color

Interested in learning how to master color?  Find out why Munsell Color Charts can drastically help you as an artist not only understand color better but gain predictable results when mixing your paints!

How to Make Brown: Mixing Your Paints to Understand Brown Colors!

How To Make Brown

What colors do you mix to get brown? Today we cover all things regarding the color brown: how to make brown colors and how brown relates to the color wheel!

What is Saturation? | Exploring the Art & Science of Color Saturation

What Is Saturation?

Saturation tends to be the hardest component of color to understand. After reading this post you’ll have a clear understanding for what is saturation.  You’ll finally grasp how to see and use saturation in your everyday artwork!

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