The Curvy Wrench Painting

The Curvy Wrench Painting | by John MorfisThis curvy wrench is a strange tool indeed.  No, I did not change the portrayal of this tool in anyway.  My painting of this tool is as honest as I could make it.  Staying true to form this is an adjustable wrench and forced me to paint the complicated threads that help the wrench open and close.  This gripping mechanism had some unique wear to it and some interesting recessions to the tool’s overall form.  Capturing the light in some spots, blocked in others I searched hard for hue changes to capitalize within my oil painting palette.

Loaned to me from a friend I’m still not quite sure why this wrench is curved in this manner.  Was it designed to get into a special, hard-to-reach spot, within a larger machine?  Perhaps this was just a design change perpetrated by its manufacturers in the hopes of selling more wrenches?  I’m not sure.

If you know why this wrench is designed this way I’d love to hear from you!  Please leave a comment below…

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