"Dad's Ball Pein Hammer" • Oil Painting by Connecticut Artist John Morfis

Dad’s Ball Pein Hammer Painting

"Dad's Ball Pein Hammer" • Oil Painting by Connecticut Artist John Morfis

I always seem to come back to hammers. It’s definitely a tool I used most frequently as a child. I didn’t have much access to screws or patience when I was younger. But, hammering in nails was always a treat. How few whacks did it take to hammer two pieces of wood together? It almost became a game in my own mind of sorts.

Regardless, I think we can all relate to hammers. They’re sort of the universal go-to tool that can be found nearly everywhere. I never realized their true beauty until I started painting portraits of them. That can be said of many objects I suppose. Art tends to do that to people. Art makes us see beauty where we never thought to look. Do you know what I mean?

I’m extremely comfortable rendering hammers at this point. I carefully balance out the amount of cool versus warm paints I use in the details of the metal. The warm and cools seem to fluctuate slightly around neutral gray. I never seem to tire from painting nicks, scratches and dents upon the tool, especially the beat up handles that hammers usually have. I’ve noticed that ball pein hammers typically have more wear to their handles than a carpenter’s hammer. I suppose this has to do with the slamming action against metal held tight in a vise. One slight slip or miss and the hammer slams into hardened metal.

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