Diamond Jig Oil Painting

The Diamond Jig (lure painting)

Diamond Jig Oil PaintingI’ll admit this was one of the least effective fishing lures I had ever fished with.  This lure must be at least 30 years old by now and spent most of its boring life sitting in my old tackle box.  Regardless, I don’t pick my painting subject matter based upon how many fishes a lure catches!

I’m always hesitant to paint a lure that has a mirror like finish.  The result can sometimes be a reflection of me painting the lure in the studio.  While some may think that’s some kind of clever referential circle and some deep statement about me reflecting upon my childhood fishing memories… wait just a second… maybe I’m onto something deep and meaningful here… Call the MOMA!   (wink wink)   Ahem…  I’m not trying to do anything too deep with my artwork.

Sorry, I’m just trying to make beautiful looking paintings.  Nothing more.

Because the diamond jig is old and slightly tarnished and I was able to position it with a slight twist.  As a result I was able to avoid painting my own reflection in it.  I also resorted to painting a more descriptive background.  The woodgrain background of the painting was fun to do for a change.  I found the use of raw sienna to be helpful here.  The woodgrain also provided a tad bit more color to the composition.

I must say, I’m really getting the hang of painting these treble hooks.  While each one is slightly different, especially when considering the lighting and rustiness of each one, they all have similar features.  Features I originally struggled with but now have gotten far more comfortable painting.  I of course draw everything out in pencil first.

I couldn’t imagine painting something as detailed as a hook without having worked out its intricacies first as a drawing.  That’s where my 0.3mm mechanical pencil comes in handy.  It’s the thinnest lead I know of and is fabulous for this kind of stuff!

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