Easy Drawings for Kids

Explore dozens of kids drawing tutorials. Click one of the fun topics below for some easy drawing ideas. Whether you are an elementary school art teacher or a homeschooler you will find each of these drawing lessons perfect for children and beginners!

Bird Drawings For Kids

Bird Drawings for Kids

Enjoy these lessons for kids on how to draw birds.  From soaring birds of prey to cute ducks these step by step tutorials will teach any child how to draw a bird easily!  Grab some paper and a pencil and click on any of the birds below to get started!

Marine Life Drawings: How to draw sea creatures for kids

How to Draw Marine Life

Learn how to draw fish and other sea animals! Follow along with each step by step lesson for how to draw sea creatures and other aquatic animals. Each lesson is simple to follow and designed specifically for kids and beginners looking to have fun and learn how to draw. How to draw marine animals including:…

Easy to Draw Flowers for Kids

Easy to Draw Flowers

Learn to draw flowers with these simple step by step lessons. Kids will love learning how to draw a variety of nature’s most colorful flowers. Each flower drawing lesson comes with a printable PDF illustrating each of the simple steps and prompting some additional things to draw!

Easy Dog To Draw

Easy Dogs to Draw

Learn how to draw a dog easily with step by step instructions. Each lesson has easy to follow pictures complete with written instructions. From Golden Retrievers to Bulldogs, you’ll find a wide assortment of easy to draw dogs! Each lesson comes with a printable PDF and a coloring book page to color in.

Easy Cat Drawings

Easy Cat Drawings

Here is a list of easy cat drawings. You can draw them with your child or youngest students. Each lesson has been made easy with step-by-step pictures showing each part of the drawing process. Each lesson includes a printable PDF with all of the steps and a coloring book page…perfect for drawing easy cats!