H. D. Smith’s Screwdriver Painting • Oil Painting by John Morfis

H. D. Smith’s Screwdriver

H. D. Smith’s Screwdriver Painting • Oil Painting by John Morfis

This is not only one of the toughest little screwdrivers I have ever seen but it’s got these fantastic wings that are part of the tool’s metal shaft.  This screwdriver is an authentic one made by the H.D. Smith & Company nearly 100 years ago.  H.D. Smith & Co. manufactured tools in Plantsville, CT which is precisely where I live!  Their line of drop forged hand tools were often referred to as the “perfect handle”.  A quick glance online revealed this about H.D. Smith & Company.

I love painting antique tools but when the hand tools have a personal connection to me the artwork is that much more important to me and I enjoy the process dearly.  Painting the raised texture on the screwdriver’s wings was slightly intimidating but naturally I kept my cool and worked up an extremely accurate drawing first.

When I have time I’m going to be looking out for any remnants of the old H.D. Smith & Company  factory.  There are several old factories and mills in town here which I pass by when I’m out running.  Actually they just demolished one, yikes!  I’m going to update this page when I find out more.

Check back in at another time.


  1. Did you happen to make a print of this gorgeous devil, John?

    1. John Morfis says:

      No Joel I did not I’m afraid. I only sell/paint originals and this one was sold when I painted it! Sorry friend. I proudly do accept commissions of course. You can see the terms on my portfolio website: johnmorfis.com

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