How To Draw A Heron: Step 6

How to Draw a Heron

Creatives will love learning how to draw a heron with 6 easy illustrative steps.

Follow along with these easy 6 drawing steps. You will learn the basics for drawing a heron.

This lesson only takes about 20 minutes and includes a pdf you can easily print or download. The pdf lesson even contains a “coloring book” page with just the line art. This pairs well with crayons or colored pencils. It’s perfect for very young kids in the need of extra guidance and simply looking to fill in a heron.

Finally learn to draw birds by following this tutorial at your own leisure. …and now for the how to draw a heron lesson…


  • Pencil
  • Drawing Paper
  • Crayons or Colored Pencils
  • Black Marker (optional)
  • How to Draw a Heron Printable PDF (see bottom of lesson)
How To Draw A Heron: All Steps

In today’s lesson, we will learn how to draw a heron on paper. The location and proportion of each part will be pointed out in each step of the lesson. Observe that the blue lines are used to show the newest lines being drawn in each step.

Time Needed: 20 minutes

  1. Start With A Wing

    How To Draw A Heron: Step 1

    This Great Blue Heron has prominent features so let us start by drawing the wings. Its shape is oval in vertical form and contains feathery details inside.

  2. Outline The Body And The Neck

    How To Draw A Heron: Step 2

    Then on the left side, draw the body and the neck. When perched, herons have an “S” shaped curve to their neck.

  3. Draw The Heron’s Head

    How To Draw A Heron: Step 3

    The heron has a pointed beak and small, round eyes.

  4. Add The Feathers On The Body

    How To Draw A Heron: Step 4

    After step 3, we should add the feathers on the bird’s chest. These feathers aim downward and look similar to spiked shapes just like in the demonstration.

  5. Draw The Feet

    How To Draw A Heron: Step 5

    Do not forget to draw the heron’s long legs and feet.

  6. Complete Your Drawing

    How To Draw A Heron: Step 6

    Now let us color the Great Blue Heron using shades of blue, gray, and just a wee bit of orange on its beak!

How to Draw a Heron PDF Download

Click the link below to view or download this drawing lesson. The PDF is a printable drawing lesson for How to Draw a Heron. The last page of the downloadable PDF includes a coloring book page with just the outlines and an extension exercise for prompting kids to get creative!

Herons in Our Waterways

Herons are birds that are found in many different areas of the world. They are often found near water and love to catch fish in their beaks.

Great Blue Heron

The great blue heron is a large wading bird common near the shores of open waters and in wetlands over most of North America and Central America, as well as the Caribbean. It is the only member of the genus Ardea with a largely blue plumage, hence the name “great blue heron”. It is found in both fresh- and saltwater habitats. The great blue heron is a large bird, averaging three feet in length and with a wingspan of sixe feet across.

Night Heron

The night heron is a medium-sized wading bird in the heron family Ardeidae, which is native to the warmer parts of the world North America and Central America. Night herons eat both during the day and at night. When they eat is largely dependent on the tide: mostly eating small marine creatures 3 hours before high tide to 3 hours after high tide.

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