How To Draw A Ring Pop: Step 6

How to Draw a Ring Pop

Discover how to draw a ring pop by drawing along with this engaging drawing guide.

Included are 6 easy steps to follow, kids will enjoy drawing their own ring pop on paper. Also included is a downloadable version of this ring pop drawing lesson.

Ideal for art teachers and homeschoolers looking to teach kids how to draw a ring pop.

Art making is much more fun when you have a easy-to-understand lesson to follow. Keep practicing!


  • Pencil
  • Drawing Paper
  • Crayons or Colored Pencils
  • Black Marker (optional)
  • How to Draw a Ring Pop Printable PDF (see bottom of lesson)
How To Draw A Ring Pop: All Steps

By the end of this lesson we will complete a drawing of a ring pop by working on one section at a time. It will take 6 steps to complete as we continue to make each section which will get us closer to the completed artwork. The final drawing will be topped off with color making it a artwork you will be proud to show off!

Time Needed: 20 minutes

  1. Draw The Gem Shaped Candy

    How To Draw A Ring Pop: Step 1

    Begin by drawing the outline of what looks like a large gem. This candy gem will have 7 sides. Notice how the candy is symmetrical but each flat side is drawn to a different length.

  2. Add Facets

    How To Draw A Ring Pop: Step 2

    Then draw facets to make it appear like a huge diamond or gem.

  3. Draw The Ring Plate

    How To Draw A Ring Pop: Step 3

    Add the oval under the gem like candy. Use your eraser for the lines that went through the diamond.

  4. Add Details Under

    How To Draw A Ring Pop: Step 4

    After that, add a curved line under the oval to create volume.

  5. Draw The Ring

    How To Draw A Ring Pop: Step 5

    Finalize your line art with a C-shaped ring under the plate.

  6. Complete Your Drawing

    How To Draw A Ring Pop: Step 6

    Get your coloring materials and complete your ring pop drawing. Ring pops come in a variety of colors so pick your favorite color and color in this sweet candy!

How to Draw a Ring Pop PDF Download

Click the link below to view or download this drawing lesson. The PDF is a printable drawing lesson for How to Draw a Ring Pop. The last page of the downloadable PDF includes a coloring book page with just the outlines and an extension exercise for prompting kids to get creative!

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