How To Draw Cherries: Step 6

How to Draw Cherries

Let’s learn how to draw cherries by drawing along with this simple drawing guide.

Follow along with these clear 6 drawing steps. You will learn the fundamentals for drawing cherries.

This lesson only takes about 20 minutes and includes a pdf you can easily print or download. The pdf packet even contains a coloring-book-like page with just the line art. This accompanies well with crayons or colored pencils. It’s useful for very young kids looking for some extra guidance and are looking to fill in cherries.

Get a thrill out of learning how to draw cherries. Go beyond the lesson…don’t forget to add some creative details. Remember there is a PDF guide at the end of the lesson.


  • Pencil
  • Drawing Paper
  • Crayons or Colored Pencils
  • Black Marker (optional)
  • How to Draw Cherries Printable PDF (see bottom of lesson)
How To Draw Cherries: All Steps

In this article, we will begin with a blank piece of paper and learn how to draw cherries in 6 illustrative steps. We will consider the shape and size of each of the drawn parts of the cherries.

Time Needed: 20 minutes

  1. Draw The Cherries

    How To Draw Cherries: Step 1

    Begin by drawing two small ovals at the bottom part of your paper.

  2. Add The Stems

    How To Draw Cherries: Step 2

    Then, draw the long and slender stems that connect each cherry.

  3. Mark Each Highlight

    How To Draw Cherries: Step 3

    Draw small circles on the left part of each cherry. This will become the highlight on each fruit.

  4. Draw A Leaf

    How To Draw Cherries: Step 4

    Draw the right leaf on the stem.

  5. Add Another Leaf

    How To Draw Cherries: Step 5

    Draw another leaf on the left side.

  6. Color Your Drawing

    How To Draw Cherries: Step 6

    Begin coloring your cherry drawing with red and green crayons. Notice how we are shading the cherries darker opposite each cherry’s highlight.

How to Draw Cherries PDF Download

Click the link below to view or download this drawing lesson. The PDF is a printable drawing lesson for How to Draw Cherries. The last page of the downloadable PDF includes a coloring book page with just the outlines and an extension exercise for prompting kids to get creative!

About Cherries

Cherries are small, round fruits that are normally red in color. When they are red, they are sweet. If they are dark, they are most likely sour. Cherries are delicious eaten on their own, but are also used in many desserts. They are the most popular fruit in the United States, especially during the summer, where they are most plentiful.

Cherry trees are usually found in temperate areas, which are areas that do not get too hot during the summer and are not too cold during the winter.

These trees are very common in Japan, where they are often planted in public areas. These trees are prevalent in the North Western parts of the U.S., where the pink blossoms are a beacon of spring.

Not all cherry trees bear fruit. Some are ornamental and planted for their ability to provide shade and their beautiful looks when they display their flowering buds.

Even the wood from cherry trees is useful and can be used to make furniture.

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