How to Draw

Always wanted to learn how to draw but didn’t know where to begin? Every drawing topic imagined is covered here.

Guide to Creating Thumbnail Drawings

Thumbnail Sketches

Did you know that a thumbnail sketch can help you plan your artwork out before you invest in a ton of time and materials. Thumbnail drawings are easy to draw and super helpful. Let’s learn exactly what these sketches are and how thumbnail drawings can help you right now!

The Best Drawing Paper

The Best Drawing Paper

Wouldn’t it be great if you could skip all the trial and error and start using the best paper for drawing right now? Start paying attention to your drawing surfaces. It could be the difference between a long-lasting drawing that looks great and is a joy to create or a painful struggle.

How to Draw a Sphere | A sphere's 4 components |

How to Draw a Sphere

Spheres show up everywhere in life and for that reason it is essential that an artist be able to render each part of a spherical form well. In today’s post I reveal the 4 parts to a sphere drawing so that you can draw spheres with realistic precision.

How to Draw a Cone

It is absolutely necessary for an artist to understand precisely how to draw a cone. Cones show up everywhere in nature including human anatomy, trees, and still lifes. Follow along with this post and you will clearly see just how easy it is to draw things you are looking at!

how to think of ideas | | What to draw?

Think of What to Draw

How can you think of what to draw? How do you think of ideas? Often we see the beautiful end result of an artist’s labor, but we have so little insight into how that artist came up with the ideas to create their drawing in the first place. The cool thing about drawing is there…