"Little Teddy's Big Plug" • Fishing Lure Painting by John Morfis

Little Teddy’s Big Plug Painting


"Little Teddy's Big Plug" • Fishing Lure Painting by John Morfis
Little Teddy’s Big Plug • 18 x 11 inches • Oil on linen

When I was younger I did an awful lot of fishing.  I had the good fortune of growing up near a salt water creek.  The Creek as it was affectionately called was fed via Oyster Bay Harbor, a much larger body of water but still smaller then its parent body of water, the Long Island Sound.  I was definitely up the creek as a child and spent summers swimming and fishing.  It’s what most of my friends and family did as well.  Fishing lures such as this one were a common sight everywhere I went during the warm seasons growing up.

This beautiful aqua colored fishing plug came into my possession through my cousin Ted, an avid fisherman to say the least.  For this reason I named this fishing painting after his young son Teddy.

I never thought I would be creating fishing paintings, but I really have enjoyed painting them.  While I don’t fish anymore, creating these paintings do bring back some great memories.  I can remember sitting on the Creek’s dock for hours listening to the old timers.  Idle talk, summer breezes in hopes of catching the big one.  While it was not the easiest task to paint the treble hooks on canvas, the overall fishing plug was a joy to paint.  This one was made of wood which was painted aqua.  Some of the paint had been worn off in just the right places it seemed.

This is the largest fishing painting I have completed to date.  If you’re already familiar with my tool paintings I always paint these object paintings and fishing object paintings in a 1:1 ratio.  Meaning everything is painted to exact scale, no enlarging or shrinking of the subject matter.  At 18 by 11 inches for the painting’s total dimensions  you can see this was indeed a very large fishing plug!

This is the first time I incorporated some fishing tackle into the painting’s composition.  The clasp which holds the fishing line to the plug itself was included.  I also included a swivel which can be seen hanging from the nail towards the top of the painting.  Both the clasp and the swivel had this amazing looking patina.  The salt water ages these metal parts until they have this really great looking blue-green hue.  I’ll definitely be experimenting with more fishing tackle in the future. They not only add to the painting aesthetically, but also play an intimate role in the fishing lures themselves.


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