Meriden Cutlery 1870 • Oil

Meriden Cutlery Knife Painting

Meriden Cutlery 1870 • OilI never realized that serrated technology existed in really old knife blades. Before now I’ve never seen an antique knife with anything but a smooth blade. I’m not sure the exact age of this old knife but it is stamped “Meriden Cutlery 1870” on the base of the blade.

It is a very comfortable knife to hold, but surprisingly I could not find anything about it online. In fact, I had a hard time finding much at all about the Meriden Knife Company altogether.

If you know more about this knife or the Meriden Knife Company leave me a comment below.

This painting required a fair amount of attention to detail. Between the tiny little painted lines that make up the serrated blade and the twisted leather strap I definitely had my hands full.

I’m not too happy with my photograph of this painting. I’ve been photographing my artwork outside for that last couple of years and have been getting decent results with smaller paintings. This knife painting presented some challenges at 22 by 12 inches. I’m currently investigating some photographic light sets, which would take back indoor to document my artwork. As always I’ll keep you posted on my findings.

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