Miter Saw Painting

I recently sold this miter saw painting.  At 24 by 13 inches it’s my largest tool portrait painting to date.  This miter saw was inherited by my father.  It was given to him by his father, the grandfather I never did get to meet but would have loved to.  He sounds like he was one of the most resourceful fellas on the planet and if he’s anything like my father I wouldn’t doubt it.

This old saw had and extremely tarnished saw blade, so much so that I did clean it up a wee bit before painting this still life.  Not too much of course, just the right amount to give a few sparkles in the right spots!  The side with the teeth made me nervous at first but once I got into them I just knocked them out like a well oiled machine!  I painting the saw blade teeth in three steps.  First I masked out the edge and painted it straight.  Next I painted the teeth with my tiny #1 Robert Simmons liner brush.  Lastly I painted around the teeth and cleaned them up a bit; I did this while painting the background.


Here’s an extreme close up on the teeth.

miter saw detail of teeth



The varnished wooden handle had that classic saw handle shape to it.  That made for several interesting highlights.  Among the curves where many scratches and nicks in the wood.  That’s always fun to paint!  Below is a detail of the painting…check out those scratches!

miter saw detail view



Thanks for reading…stay tuned for more paintings.


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    I love it very much.thanks.

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