The Monkey Wrench Painting

Monkey Wrench Painting | Still Life Oil Painting
The Monkey Wrench • 16×10 inches • Oil on Linen

This Ancient tool from the plumber’s trade came to me from my uncle Ted.  When I saw the combination of dented metal combined with beat up wood I immediately knew that this old monkey wrench would make an interesting still life painting.  The wooden handle even had some old nails slammed into it.  I wonder why they where there? Maybe the handle started to wiggle and the nails were added as a way to secure the handle in place.  We all do things to modify our tools right?

I freely admit that the threads and the textured adjustment knob where a challenge to paint but the fact that I draw everything out comfortably on paper first and transfer the drawing over helps immensely.  In fact, by the time it’s time to paint those parts I have been well acquainted with them via previous drawings.

I went back and forth in which way I was to hang the monkey wrench and ultimately settled on the composition here based on the cast shadow.  I really liked the way the monkey wrench slanted off to one side and left and interesting cast shadow upon the background.

Let me know what you think of this painting below!


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