Movie: The Forger - starring John Travolta

Movie Review: The Forger

The Forger
Director: Philip Martin

Movie: The Forger - starring John Travolta

When any movie about painting comes out it’s a must see for me… but is this film really worth a look?


The Forger, starring John Travolta is a mediocre movie that caught my eye only because it has a art-based theme. When I don’t see anything I want to watch on Netflix (streaming) I am inclined to rent a movie from RedBox. Being less than 2 miles from my house it provides a quick fix when I’m in the mood for a recent movie release.


The Forger was available through RedBox. I had never heard of it before but that’s no surprise given how seldom I watch TV these days and when I do, DVR technology affords me the opportunity to skip commercials altogether.


Anyway, The Forger is a slightly boring movie with very few nuggets for painting aficionados. I always wait for those moments in which an artist is shown creating. Especially when it comes to specific techniques in the painting trade. On this front alone the movie disappointed and bordered on being incorrect (maybe). At one point John Travolta’s character needed to make period-based paints to reproduce a Monet painting. Anyone familiar with manufacturing oil paints from scratch can tell you that you need to mull a vegetable oil together with a pigment. For centuries artists used to grind their own pigments by hand doing just that.   However, in The Forger the protagonist (Travolta) can be seen mixing pigment and oil together in a bowl with a brush. –sloppy


If you’re itching to see an art forgery movie watch The Thomas Crown Fair instead. It is a far superior movie in every way.



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