Movie Review: Tim’s Vermeer

Tim’s Vermeer
Director: Teller

Tim's Vermeer

I absolutely loved Tim’s Vermeer. It was incredibly thought provoking and such a joy to watch. Having painted my whole life and having always had an interest in science and technology this movie definitely hit the spot. Tim Jenison painstakingly recreates the iconic Vermeer painting, “The Music lesson” according to his ingenious hypothesis about how Vermeer was able to paint so flawlessly.

The way he arrives at the completed painting and all of the discoveries he makes along the way are mind boggling. He leaves virtually no stone unturned in this fantastic movie. Without spoiling too much I will say that he begins with a hunch and some knowledge regarding a camera obscura and then proceeds to take 5 whole years obsessing over the topic.


The official Tim’s Vermeer website.

I first heard of this movie during this interview with Tim Jenison.

A Presentation by Tim Regarding the Movie: Tim’s Vermeer – This 34 minute video unveils some brilliant optical illusions and reveals Tim Jenison’s motivation for looking further into Vermeer’s seemingly photographic style of painting.  This video also presents the schematics used for setting up the device Tim used to paint his Vermeer.  The last 10 minutes of this video is a conversation between Tim Jenison and art forger Ken Perenyi.

The Music Lesson – An interactive image that gives insights to various parts of Vermeer’s painting.

Animated Graphic – showing Tim’s setup for copying the Vermeer painting.


What did you think of the movie?




  1. Hey
    I have to totally agree with this recommendation. This movie was brilliant.
    Thanks for a great site. Have thoroughly enjoyed wading through it this morning.
    Cheers from Oz.

    1. John Morfis says:

      Thanks Dale, just doing my art thing!

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