Here you will find a list of materials that I use and recommend. I earn a small commission if you use the links to purchase your art supplies (at no extra cost to you). If you find my work helpful and choose to buy supplies via the links below that would be super awesome! It’s a simple way of saying thanks and helping me develop the tutorials and keep this website going. I would never recommend anything that I do not use in my own artwork. In fact, please ask questions about any of these materials at the bottom of this page.


– John

Oil Painting

I love working in traditional oil paints and have been doing so for about 20 years now. I enjoy being able to blend the paint for extended amounts of time, heck I even like the smell! I’ve experimented with countless products and techniques and have even made my own mediums over the years. The following is a list of all the products I currently use in my own work.

Acrylic Painting

I like using acrylics anytime I paint something with many solid areas of color. Their speedy drying time and easy cleanup make working with them a joy. I use mostly Liquitex acrylics with a few Golden brand acrylics when needed and generally buy my acrylic paint in a tube.

Graphite Pencils

Pencil drawing takes many forms in my own work ranging from quick field sketches, preparatory work, to the occasional finalized drawing. When sketching I tend to use a single pencil and resort to a range of pencils only when completing more finalized pencil drawings.


Charcoal was the medium that really enabled me to learn how to draw well. Charcoal let me change my mind frequently and explore drawings much faster than graphite pencil. These are the charcoal supplies I have grown to love.

Colored Pencils

I rarely do any large-scale, finalized drawings in colored pencils but I do use them quite often for small sketches and demonstrations. The three brands I have used and can recommend with confidence are the following:

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