Sherwin’s Screwdriver Painting

Sherwin's Screwdriver Painting • Oil on Linen
Sherwin’s Screwdriver Painting • Oil on Linen • 16×10 inches

This has been the second screwdriver I’ve painted in oils so far.  This long screwdriver is especially durable.  I can read its “made in Germany” label etched into the hardened steel shaft which is constructed as one solid piece of metal from end to end.  What a great combination of wood and metal!

This classic tool was loaned to me by my friend Sherwin.  He and his wife collect antiques and they have some mighty fine antique tools in their collection!  Consequently, the first screwdriver I painted was named after his wife Ruth, and this painting was titled in Sherwin’s honor.

I like naming my paintings after the people from which I get the tool.  Strangely enough, tools have become my connection to people around me.  We all have an intimate relationship with tools; try accomplishing anything without them.  Painting tools in honor of the people in my life has been like having a long conversation with each person and confronting the unique history surrounding each tool.


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